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Kids' Athletics

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GTFA periodically hosts a Kids’ Athletics Day for elementary students on Guam. Kids' Athletics is one of the largest grassroots developmental programs in the world of sports; implemented in 134 World Athletics member federations since its inception in 2005. The program aims to introduce youth to the sport of track and field. Teams compete in a variety of running, jumping, and throwing events, which are scored and ranked at the end of the competition.

Kids’ Athletics is open to elementary school athletes in 3rd-5th grades. Athletes must be entered as a team comprised of 10 members and must have a designated adult coach.

Events include: Sprint/Hurdles Shuttle Relay, Forward Squat Jump, Overhead Backward Throw,
Javelin Throw, Knee Throw, Cross-Hop, Formula One, and an 8 x 50m Relay Race.

Interested teams and clubs can contact Noshista Benavente at or GTFA at for more information.

New Program

In November 2021, World Athletics unveiled a new Kids' Athletics Program for children ages four to 14. 


For more information on the new Kids' Athletics program, visit

Kids Athletics resources:

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