Kids' Athletics

GTFA hosts an annual IAAF Kids’ Athletics Day for elementary students on Guam. IAAF Kids' Athletics is one of the largest grassroots developmental programs in the world of sports; implemented in 134 IAAF member federations since its inception in 2005. The program aims to introduce youth to the sport of track and field. Teams compete in a variety of running, jumping, and throwing events, which are scored and ranked at the end of the competition.

Kids’ Athletics is open to elementary school athletes in 3rd-5th grades. Athletes must be entered as a team comprised of 10 members and must have a designated adult coach.

Events include: Sprint/Hurdles Shuttle Relay, Forward Squat Jump, Overhead Backward Throw,
Javelin Throw, Knee Throw, Cross-Hop, Formula One, and an 8 x 50m Relay Race.

Interested teams and clubs can contact Dorris Abagatnan at or GTFA at for more information.

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Guam Track and Field Association is the official national governing body of the sport of track and field on Guam. We are affiliated with the Guam National Olympic Committee (GNOC), World Athletics, and Oceania Athletics Association


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